feel like the older I get, the more forgiving I am of myself and others. It is one of the greatest parts of a birthday. Don't get me wrong, I love cake and confetti and sparklers, but waking up on my birthday to more grace? it's the sweetest. 

have to make sure all the doors are locked and every drawer is closed in a room before I can even think of falling asleep. 

follow Jesus. 

admire my parents. if there were a 'greatest parents' contest, they would win. Every time. Hands down. I should call them more. I think it is singularly the thing I feel most guilty about. 

am most proud of three things: what my great Grandfather did for our family, my father's musical ability and who I married.

love to talk about cake, make single servings of cake, make triple servings of cake, eat all the cake and decorate my way through the kitchen. Baking is one of the most creative things I do. 

am insecure about many (many) things. but so secure in how much I am loved in spite of them. 

adore my sister. She is my safe place, my secret keeper. When I am unsure about my own thoughts, I borrow hers. She also has given me the funniest brother (through marriage) and the greatest nephew there ever did exist. Nathaniel makes me feel like every day is Christmas and my birthday all in one. 

always want to go to the beach, because the ocean calms me. But I am so scared of drowning in the water that I rarely go in. 

Love mangoes. 

only make the best friends. They love me through all my messes and celebrate when I talk nicely to my thighs. These are the kinds of people I do life with. Pinch me.

try my very hardest to read the Bible every day. It centers everything in me and comforts me like no human can. 

believe in the art of speaking your story and love that it is part of who I am and what I get paid to do. 

will one day serve the people of Kenya and India, in some small way. I have to, even if just to give back for the way they have served me.

am stubborn and sometimes fight unfairly. Especially with the huz. I am so thankful for his immense capacity to pick up the worst of me with the best of him.

think that gathering people around a table is the best way to make friends. There is something comforting about a table full of delicious food and good wine and something vulnerable about maybe having a big side of mashed potatoes on your left cheek. Comfort and vulnerability- two things that every real friendship needs to start. 

am most creative when the weather is gloomy; dark clouds, soft rain and lightly chilled breeze. I can write a song in the rain far quicker than in the sunshine.

will adopt a baby one day. Ni will make the best father. 

love love. One of my greatest strengths is to unequivocally love a stranger after a side smile or a simple name exchange. I hold that close and will use it as much as I can to make my world a better place. After all,  above all things I believe that love never fails.